Guest Photographer: Harry Ableman


Walking into my first Art Wolfe Workshop, I was a self-taught photographer, anxious and concerned I may not keep pace. Within minutes I was diffused. Fast forward seven seminars/workshops and I find myself standing next to Art ready to board our small plane heading towards Coastal Brown Bears. If I knew then, what I know now, I would have taken the opportunity long before my first.

He has treated me as a friend; given knowledge and support peppered by encouraging opinion. He has shared; I have tried and failed and he has tirelessly shared again. He has crept into my brain, opened my eyes and opened my world. I have grown. For that I am thankful.

Harry Ableman

2 Responses to “Guest Photographer: Harry Ableman”

  1. After my first workshop with Art this spring I felt this same connection with him. He does give generously and tirelessly. I look forward to another time to learn from him.

  2. Well done, Harry! Love these shots you took in Alaska. I, too, wish I had started taking workshops from Art earlier than I did. They are just something you have to experience for yourself to understand the impact he can make on your photography…all powered by his passion and experience. You really caught the flavor and essence of Alaska and its bears; beautiful! And wasn’t the ONP workshop great? That’s an experience I’ll never forget.
    Keep on shooting, Harry, you have a vision to share with all of us…

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