Art Wolfe Instructional Video Series – Technique Episode 18

Photographing the Macro Landscape

Sometimes you miss the small details when there is such grand landscapes surrounding you. Shot on location in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

3 Responses to “Art Wolfe Instructional Video Series – Technique Episode 18”

  1. Remy Coppens says:

    Rather helpful many thanks, I do believe your current audience could possibly want far more content of this nature keep up the excellent hard work.

  2. Drew says:

    f/32 @ 1 sec – How do you get everything tack sharp on a windy day like that or does a little motion blur not really matter? Before seeing this I probably would have selected ~f/8 to freeze the wind action a little better and made sure the focus was the top of the highest egg.

    • Avatar photo Art Wolfe says:

      Good question. The eggs don’t move, but on exceedingly windy days, living with a little motion blur is sometimes livable, as long as the main subject holds true focus. Mirror lockup certainly helps. In extreme wind, you would need to bring your aperture back from f/32@ to shoot faster. The beauty of digital is you can see in your viewfinder what the wind is doing and compensate.

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