CHINA 2011Yunnan

BLOG: China workshop / Yunnan – Images by Art Wolfe

For the last 11 days I have been conducting a travel workshop in the heart of China to some of my favorite locations. While the large landscapes have been spectacular, I have been trying to open up my participants to a new way of seeing–looking for the unexpected. The following photos show some of my best images from the past few days, among these include, mud spattered cars that recall the paintings of Jackson Pollock, various wall details that highlight the residue of previous signage, and finally, the bittersweet encounter with a group of trained macaques.

3 Responses to “CHINA 2011Yunnan”

  1. Clytie says:

    I love the way you see the world.

  2. Niobe says:

    Yunnan province is an amazing place…..I traveled there with my sister who lived in Kunming for a couple years. She was awarded a grant (from the chinese gov) to photograph and record the ethnic minority cultures that are fast being lost. I hope you get the opportunity to see, interact and record some of these people as well…it’s an amazing place…wish I could be there.
    Best to you! Niobe

  3. Amazing pictures! Great work, but no wonder with such a great teacher 😉 With best regards from Germany!

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