Do You Want to Go to Cuba?

Some of you who get my newsletter may have noticed that I am doing a photo tour to Cuba in March 2016. It filled quickly and I am starting a waiting list for Gavriel Jecan’s tour that is happening right after mine.

Gavriel Jecan is one of my recommended guides. He leads many photography tours and will be visiting all of the same locations and will be utilizing the same Cuban photography guides.

Put your name on the waitlist now to get on Gavriel’s tour!

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Print of the Month for August

Sunlight filters through early morning mist in the forests of Washington State's Mount Rainier National Park. I was particularly taken with the soothing atmospheric tones, the lacy geometry of the alpine firs, and the subtle shadows and layering. Mount Rainier National Park, Washington, USA.

Sunlight filters through early morning mist in the forests of Washington State’s Mount Rainier National Park. I was particularly taken with the soothing atmospheric tones, the lacy geometry of the alpine firs, and the subtle shadows and layering of this new print.

Save 20% on any Alpine Dawn print purchased this month! They are printed on EPSON Premium Photo Luster paper using archival EPSON Ultrachrome inks, and I hand sign them with a silver acid-free pen.


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Mount Rainier

When running a workshop it is critical never to be absolutely locked into a schedule. Before heading up to Mount Rainier last week, we looked at the weather forecast; there was a possibility of rain on the weekend so we changed around our shooting schedule and did our sunrise shoot at Reflection Lake first thing on Friday. Even then we were concerned that the mountain would be concealed by the surrounding mist but we were pleasantly surprised when the fog lifted for a moment and the golden rays of the sun burst through.

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New CreativeLive Class with Art Wolfe!

July is Outdoor Photography Month at CreativeLive!

I take you on a photo tour of incredible destinations and explain my artistic workflow in “Maximizing the Potential of Remote Locations: Arctic to Antarctic“.

Do you want to travel to any of the remote locations I mention? Check out the Events page.

Also, through July 31st get 30% off all online courses at CreativeLive!


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Travels to the Edge: Music in the Japan Episode

Here is a list of composers and musicians featured in Japan: Hokkaido and Honshu. Many of them don’t have websites, but you can find their music on various internet music sites.

Pascal Bournet
Jakko M. Jakszyk
Richard Harvey
Christophe Delabre
Morita Makoto
Clive Bell & Rie Yanagisawa
Gregor Narholz
Osamu Koganei
Akinori Inaba
Paul Clarvis

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Escaping the heat in Seattle, we had a great workshop last weekend with a group in Palouse, Washington. The views from Steptoe and Kamiak Buttes are spectacular and I particularly love the graceful lines created by the rolling hills covered in wheat accentuated by the subtle shadows cast by passing clouds. In the small town of Palouse we were able to work on abstracts, photographing old window screens, glass blocks, and rusted metal.

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New Product: Framed Art Cards

Framed Card_Stallion_CA11Framed Card_Sunset on Beach_CA19Framed Card_Monkeyflower Stream_CA34  Framed Card_Whooper Swans_CA25

New to the Art Wolfe Store, these framed art cards are perfect as gifts! Framed and matted they are beautifully printed and embossed—a classic look that could effortlessly be used in a variety of ways and decors. They are especially useful in small spaces and as decorative montages.

Art card in a black wood frame with matting.
Frame size: 10.75 x 10.75
Image size: 5.5 x 5.5

See the complete selection here. Use the introductory coupon code blog072015 to save $25!

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July Inspiration Photos

July is high summer. I head north to Iceland, Svalbard, and Alaska, where the wildlife is feeding heartily to fatten up for winter. In the southern hemisphere, July is winter, and in tropical areas like the Brazilian Pantanal and Amazon, the photographic opportunities are endless.

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Technique Episode #5: When Using a Tripod is not the Best Practice

You may have heard me and several other photographers say that using a good tripod is one of the easiest ways to take your photography to the next level. While true- there are some situations where it is more practical to get the shots you want without one. Shot on location in Antarctica.

Learn many more tips from Art by taking a workshop!

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Last Call for the Palouse

Three spots remaining for the Palouse Workshop with me, Libby Pfeiffer, and Gavriel Jecan.
Bring your sun hat and join us in the photographic exploration of this wondrous landscape!

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