David Slater and the Monkey “Selfie”

David Slater is currently embroiled in an argument with Wikimedia over the now famous ‘monkey selfie’ images.

Like other conservation photographers at the iLCP, I support David Slater’s copyright to the now famous ‘selfies’ of the critically endangered crested black macaque.

Read the iLCP press release and learn more about David Slater & help support Sulawesi Crested Macaque Conservation.

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Earth Is My Witness
2 months away

1 Earth Is My Witness Desert Savanna CO
The publication date for Earth Is My Witness is now only three months away. At nearly 400 pages with over 475 photos, it’s my magnum opus, an encyclopedic project of my best work over the last four decades. It’s design is unique as well, with twelve multi-page gatefolds included in its five chapters.

3 Earth Is My Witness Cats Gatefold

“Each of his photographs, however beautifully composed and aesthetically astonishing, resonates with authenticity, the power and wonder of the world as it really is.”

~Wade Davis, award-winning author and National Geographic Society Explorer in Residence

4 Earth Is My Witness Desert Savanna 192-193
Earth Is My Witness
Introduction by Wade Davis | Hardcover | 11 x 14 inches | 396 pages | Chroma Centric advanced printing process

Pre-order special includes a bonus archival print (approx. 8×10) signed by Art and suitable for framing.

Earth Is My Witness Pub Date October 15, 2014 Photography by Art Wolfe Introduction by Wade Davis Hardcover | 11x14 inches | 356 pages Preorder special: http://store.artwolfe.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2&products_id=525Humpback whale, Vava'u, Tonga

Pre-order HERE

Book + print will be shipped October 15.

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Workshop updates & Last minute openings!

Farmland, Palouse, Washington, USA

We had a last minute cancellation opening up one spot for this weekend’s Palouse workshop. We have one spot available for Mount Rainier next weekend. PLEASE CALL 888-973-0011 or EMAIL libby@artwolfe.com with inquiries.

There is a new workshop up for this fall:

Page, Arizona October 9-11, 2014 (Field shoots will be at Slot Canyons, Stones of Silence, and Lake Powell vistas.)

Slot Canyon, ARIZONA. Sculpted by water and wind, the slot canyons in northwestern Arizona have become one of the prime destinations for photographers throughout the world. When the sun is highest in the sky, reflected rays reach into the subterranean.

Art of Compositions Seminars:

September 6 – Montreal

September 7 – Boston

October 12 – Tempe

October 18 – Los Angeles

October 19 – San Francisco

November 15 – Dallas

November 16 – Houston

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New Human Canvas Shoot

©Gavriel Jecan

I was very excited to get back in the studio for the first time in two years to continue my exploration of the Human Canvas project–this time with a Leica. It germinated in my mind over 20 years ago and I’m not nearly through with it yet. Abraham Joffe and his crew were in from Australia to film the day’s work as well,which was long, tiring and wonderful.

©Gavriel Jecan



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