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Svalbard, Norway

While I wasn’t so happy with the tour operator on this my second trip to the Norwegian Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, I was able to capture some interesting landscapes and wildlife shots. I was able to concentrate on one of my favorite subjects, abstracts, especially in the glacially carved mountains of Spitsbergen. Also, I wish Vanishing Act didn’t already go to print because I got a couple really good camouflage photos involving a hungry Arctic fox.

This is only a fraction of the photos. To see more visit www.artwolfestock.com.

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West Seattle Garden Tour 7/20

Some of you may have seen my July 8th post about the tiny hummingbird nest I discovered clinging to a branch on one of my Japanese maples. I was able to get a few more photos before the last of the fledgelings flew the nest. He was a fat little guy and very demanding on his parents!

If you create a natural habitat you soon get wild animals to share the space. I invite you to see my garden up close on July 20th during the West Seattle Garden Tour (WSGT). I will be on hand to greet visitors and sell and sign books as a benefit for WSGT

Garden Tour Banner

Click on their logo for information and tickets:

The WSGT donates net proceeds of the event to support Seattle-based community gardens and other non-profits that promote horticulture, education, or the arts.

There he goes!
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Free online class this Friday on CreativeLive


I’ve heard from many of you who would like to attend one of my seminars or workshops but have difficulty attending because of where you live. Now’s your chance. I will be giving a free online class Friday, July 18th on CreativeLive. The Art of Nature Photography will give you an inside look at some of my favorite outdoor and scenic photography techniques and learn some new approaches for capturing landscapes as well as the smallest details. Click here for more information and to RSVP for free today.

Special thank you to our sponsor — Epson.

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Earth Is My Witness
3 months away

1 Earth Is My Witness Polar Subpolar CO
The publication date for Earth Is My Witness is now only three months away. At nearly 400 pages with over 475 photos, it’s my magnum opus, an encyclopedic project of my best work over the last four decades. It’s design is unique as well, with twelve multi-page gatefolds included in its five chapters.

3 Earth Is My Witness Penguins Gatefold

“Each of his photographs, however beautifully composed and aesthetically astonishing, resonates with authenticity, the power and wonder of the world as it really is.”

~Wade Davis, award-winning author and National Geographic Society Explorer in Residence

2 Earth Is My Witness Polar Subpolar 142-143
Earth Is My Witness
Introduction by Wade Davis | Hardcover | 11 x 14 inches | 396 pages | Chroma Centric advanced printing process

Pre-order special includes a bonus archival print (approx. 9×12) signed by Art and suitable for framing.

Earth Is My Witness Pub Date October 15, 2014 Photography by Art Wolfe Introduction by Wade Davis Hardcover | 11x14 inches | 356 pages Preorder special: http://store.artwolfe.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2&products_id=525Humpback whale, Vava'u, Tonga

Pre-order HERE

Book + print will be shipped October 15.

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Hummingbird Nest in my Yard

Look what I discovered in one of my trees when I was pruning with my friend!

If you create a natural habitat you soon get wild animals to share the space with. I unfortunately left for a trip right after discovering these cute little guys and figured they would fly the nest before my return. I sent requests to several of my friends to go photograph them while I was away. My assistant Libby Pfeiffer made it up there over the weekend and got some nice shots. She reported the mother was vary concerned about her presence, and would only land on the opposite side from her camera. You can see how much they grew in a few short days! Also, I want to mention to those near Seattle, if you want to check out my garden, it will be part of the West Seattle Garden Tour on July 20th. I will be there to greet visitors and sign books.

Rufous hummingbird chicks in nest, Seattle, Washington by Libby Pfeiffer
Rufous hummingbird chicks in nest, Seattle, Washington by Libby Pfeiffer
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Totemic Masks of the Sepik

Sepik TotemsThe Rotella Gallery has created a spectacular new print featuring five traditional masks I photographed while filming for a new Australian television special.

The people of the Sepik River produce some of the most extraordinary totemic carvings and paintings in the world. These are the material symbols of a highly developed religious world of ideas. Paramount to these ideas is their relationship to their environment.  Perhaps the most dramatic totem or symbol is the crocodile, which rose from the floodwaters to create land, then disappeared back into the flood.  This is a reptilian lord of life on land and water, whose spirit remains protective and thus is carved on masks and shields, which are worn in clan celebrations.

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Art Walk – July 2014

Pioneer Square is throwing open its doors to welcome everyone to experience the wealth of art that lies along its streets. Free parking is offered at several parking garages in the area, for more info click HERE. Vouchers available at the Art Wolfe Gallery.
Come stroll Pioneer Square and visit the beautiful oasis of photography at The Art Wolfe Gallery.

The gallery is open until 8pm tonight!


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