Everest Expedition, Mount Everest, Tibet
Everest Expedition, Mount Everest, Tibet

Recently I went to see Everest with friends and it took me right back to May of 1996 when the tragedy occurred. People will quibble about the movie being true to life, but that’s not what I am addressing here. The climbing community is tight, especially in a town like Seattle, and I knew Scott Fischer through mutual friends. From time to time he would come to my office to select mountain imagery to promote his company Mountain Madness. As is often the case, I was traveling when the news came from Nepal. Scott’s wife Jeannie arrived with his precious film and my staff was galvanized into action. They assisted her with getting it developed, edited and labeled, and making sure the selects got into a stock photography agency for worldwide distribution. It was one small thing we could take care of that helped her and her two daughters through an agonizing time in their lives.

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EDEN Published in Germany by National Geographic

Eden coverThe German version of Earth Is My Witness, EDEN, has been published by National Geographic:

Art Wolfe ist eine Legende, und dieser großformatige Bildband ist eine unvergleichliche Kollektion seiner schönsten Bilder, wie es sie noch nicht gab. Das Werk des vielleicht berühmtesten lebenden Naturfotografen bringt uns Landschaften, Tiere und indigene Kulturen auf allen Kontinenten näher. Hier sind Momente von einzigartiger Eindringlichkeit und Schönheit zu sehen: der purpurfarbene Himmel über den patagonischen Torres del Paine, Pinguineltern, die sich in perfekter Symmetrie über ihren zwölf Wochen alten Nachwuchs beugen, eine Salzkarawane in der Sahara, ins Meer strömende Lava auf Hawaii oder das rituelle Bad der Sadhus im Ganges. Diese Bilder sind so kraftvoll, dass manche von ihnen zu Ikonen werden könnten oder es schon sind. Dieses Buch ist einen Meilenstein der Naturfotografie – ein Gesamtkunstwerk und Höhepunkt einer bald fünf Jahrzehnte währenden Karriere. Das Buch wurde vom “American Photo Magazine” gerade zum besten Fotobuch des Jahres gekürt.

Gebunden mit Schutzumschlag
396 Seiten
450 Fotos
Format: 29 x 36 cm
ISBN: 978-3-86690-445-3

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Print of the Month for October

Mount Rainier appears as mist rises off a lake at dawn, Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington, USA
Misty Rainier

An active volcano, Mount Rainier is the icon of Washington state and the entire Pacific Northwest. The national park is a favorite destination of mine and I’ll never tire of shooting there. At sunrise the peak was initially obscured in fog; as the sun came up it broke, giving me a misty, moody reflection that only adds to the already dramatic vista.

Save 20% on any Misty Rainier print purchased this month! They are printed on EPSON Premium Photo Luster paper using archival EPSON Ultrachrome inks, and I hand sign them with a silver acid-free pen.

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Earth Is My Witness Presentation at JVH Digital Festival

Local company JVH Technical is having a free educational event next week.

2015 Large-format Printing Digital Festival
Thursday October 8, 8:30am-4pm
Embassy Suites, Bellevue

Along with great exhibits, demos and informational talks, I am the special guest speaker and will be doing my Earth Is My Witness presentation! Also, click through to the festival information to learn about their print contest.

RSVP via their website.

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Hymne a la Terre published in France

Hymne a la Terre coverContemplez la Terre dans toute sa splendeur!

En véritable explorateur moderne, le photographe Art Wolfe parcourt le globe, ses déserts et ses savanes, ses pôles étincelants, ses montagnes vertigineuses, ses fonds sous-marins fourmillant de vie ou encore ses forêts luxuriantes, pour en rapporter d’incroyables clichés et révéler ainsi la splendeur et la fragilité de ces écosystèmes, et la délicate interconnexion entre les hommes et leur planète.
Grâce à plus de 450 photographies en grande partie inédites et au récit d’Art Wolfe qui livre ses souvenirs et des anecdotes, cet ouvrage d’exception célèbre la Terre et ses merveilles dans un vibrant plaidoyer pour sa préservation.

Hymne à la Terre
ISBN : 9782822901024
Parution : Septembre 2015
Format : 285 x 362 mm
Prix : 89.00 €

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Last Call for Grand Teton Workshop

Grand Teton Workshop 2015, Wyoming, October 1-4

The Tetons are one of the newest mountain ranges in North America and at the same time contain some of the oldest geological rocks, dating back some 2.7 million years. How is this possible? Two things, first is the fact that the Teton Fault is still pushing the peaks skyward today. In addition, over 2 million years ago, glaciers flowed down from northern Yellowstone depositing varying materials from up north and simultaneously carving out and sculpting the Teton Skyline. Two different events from two different locations give the Tetons two very different geological finds. Another amazing thing about this mountain range is that because there are no foothills, you get to witness complete unobstructed views of the mountains. All this geologic force has created a fairly flat valley floor with peaks topping out close to 14,000 feet above sea level. Grand Teton National Park also has a plethora of lakes and rivers, coupled with extraordinary wildlife—you have the makings for extremely dramatic photography.

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Inspiration: Autumn

On this first day of Autumn I thought I’d share a few photos of the season as inspiration for you to go out and shoot your own photos of fall color in all its various forms!

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An Unexpected Hike in Mt. Rainier National Park

Since I had a rare free day at home in Washington, my friend Bill and I decided to head to Mount Rainier National Park. What began as a five minute stroll out of Paradise became an eight hour marathon. We were in such a hurry to get out there, we forgot to bring snacks which was OK—there were subjects around every corner, so we didn’t even notice our hunger. We looped around Paradise Ridge where I frequently teach workshops in the summer meadows. Hiking to Panorama Point we found large groups of white-tailed ptarmigan as well as blue grouse.

With the very dry year and the September rains I think it is making for a very early fall season, at least three weeks earlier than usual. The night before our hike an ice storm moved through covering the sub-alpine firs and creating a stark contrast against the deep ochre of the fall foliage. On this day the mountain was obscured by clouds, which was perfectly fine because it allowed the other subjects shine forth.

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Last call for Southern Sierra Workshop

Join me in an exploration of the Southern Sierra in California, September 24-27th. The light is exquisite this time of year. It is a fascinating region, full of photographic possibilities. One day we will set up amidst the ancient & twisted Bristlecone pines at 11,000 feet and the next we will pass through the ghost town of Bodie on our way to the surreal tufa formations of Mono Lake. We will take field sessions to the beautiful surroundings of Bishop. Finer points of maximizing light will be discussed in the classroom and in the field. Critiques will be part of the learning process too.

The best way to learn photography, is in the field, one-on-one with an experienced instructor.

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Remembering Elephants Kickstarter for Born Free Foundation

Along with many other top photographers, I am participating in the Remembering Elephants book benefiting the Born Free Foundation. This is a Kickstarter campaign so you can pre-order your book and opt for other rewards. Pledge by September 22nd.



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