Why Do You Photograph?

Iridescent Plant Oils, Mount Rainier N.P. by Jay Goodrich

One of our associate workshop instructors Jay Goodrich is a regular contributor to Outdoor Photographer Magazine. He had a recent blog post entitled, “Why Do You Photograph?” Read why Jay photographs and then, we would like you to share why you do it?

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Meeting Minutes – Workshop Locations by Jay Goodrich

Mountain goat and Grinnell Point by Art Wolfe

Last Thursday, Art, Gavriel Jecan, Libby Pfeiffer, and myself had a meeting regarding the upcoming workshops for 2011. We started by looking at our calendars to see who was doing what and when, then we looked at the spreadsheet of locations that all of you voted for, and then we talked–for almost an hour. Everyone out there has selected some amazing world-wide destinations. Topping the list in order are Iceland, Canada, Alaska, and Patagonia. What we came to realize is that we want more opinions on where to travel to in the United States. Now if you just have to go to some international destination, it is still okay to tell us about that too. So don’t be shy, add a comment here or head over to Twitter and tell us by adding the hashtag #travelwithart to your tweet. We will be keeping score for the next week. Then, there will be another meeting.

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Vanishing Act – Can You See the Western Toad?

A Western Toad hides among a mosaic of of lichen and moss in Oregon.

And last week’s Blue Dacnis:

Blue Dacnis by Art Wolfe

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Art and former President Jimmy Carter

Former President Jimmy Carter and Art Wolfe
Former President Jimmy Carter and Art Wolfe

On the way back from India, Art’s flight routed through Amman, Jordan.  He ran into former President Jimmy Carter, who has been monitoring the elections in the Sudan.

President Carter was on his way back from the Sudan & here is his report:  http://www.cartercenter.org/news/trip_reports/sudan-april2010.html

Love him or hate him politically, he has certainly set the bar high for succeeding presidents.  He has worked tirelessly to advance human rights works through The Carter Center and Habitat for Humanity.

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Harp Seals

The annual seal hunt began yesterday in eastern Canada.  The quota this year is an appalling 330,000, but only a fraction of that will be taken because of the decrease in demand for harp pelts.

BLOG: Harp seal harvest began yesterday – Images by Art Wolfe

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The John Greengo Photography Show Today!

Don’t miss the latest episode of the John Greengo Photography Show on Creative Live today at 11am PST. For more info head to : http://creativelive.com/

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Bigfoot Lives! As Seen Through the Lens of Art Wolfe

Bigfoot Sighting – Images by Art Wolfe

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Elephants, Ivory, and Trade

Art proudly supports the research being done on tracking poached
elephant ivory by the University of Washington’s Center for Conservation
Biology. They have identified poaching hot spots and potential trade
routes by developing a genetic method to track the geographic origin of
poached ivory.

Read more about the Center for Conservation Biology


Read the paper that has just been published in Science Magazine,
published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Read the article here.

Elephants – Images by Art Wolfe

In addition, Sam Wasser, the CCB Director, will be attending the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) conference in Qatar to press for further elephant conservation.

There was a post this morning on NPR:  http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=124592439

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Vanishing Act – Can You See the Horned Adder? and last week’s crab

Can’t see it? Check back next Monday, for its location. And, here is the location of last week’s candy crab if you could not find it.

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