Meeting Minutes – Workshop Locations by Jay Goodrich

Mountain goat and Grinnell Point by Art Wolfe

Last Thursday, Art, Gavriel Jecan, Libby Pfeiffer, and myself had a meeting regarding the upcoming workshops for 2011. We started by looking at our calendars to see who was doing what and when, then we looked at the spreadsheet of locations that all of you voted for, and then we talked–for almost an hour. Everyone out there has selected some amazing world-wide destinations. Topping the list in order are Iceland, Canada, Alaska, and Patagonia. What we came to realize is that we want more opinions on where to travel to in the United States. Now if you just have to go to some international destination, it is still okay to tell us about that too. So don’t be shy, add a comment here or head over to Twitter and tell us by adding the hashtag #travelwithart to your tweet. We will be keeping score for the next week. Then, there will be another meeting.

9 Responses to “Meeting Minutes – Workshop Locations by Jay Goodrich”

  1. Chris Martin says:

    Within the USA, I’d enjoy exploring the following locations with Art:

    Alaska – bears and landscapes
    Yellowstone – in winter or fall for wildlife and landscapes
    Greater Seattle area – Art’s “backyard” – on the water, around the islands, in the rainforest and up in the mountains. Any season – even the wet winters – I used to live in Vancouver, BC so I know what that could mean but bad weather can provide great light.

  2. Alex says:

    Smoky Mountain National Park

  3. In the US, I’d enjoy the following:
    Arizona and Nevada deserts (e.g., Black Rock);summertime in canoe country in northern Minnesota; Maine in the fall.

  4. Loved the Palm Beach workshop..
    Would like to photo travel to Arizona/Utah (as in the show segment), preferably early May to late August.
    Regards to Art,

  5. Scott Anagnoste says:

    I would suggest the Everglades in Winter. Weather is pretty reliable and there are excellent birding and landscape opportunities. It would be fairly easy to mix in some urban shooting in Miami if desired.

  6. nicole says:

    I would love to go to Yellowstone & Grand Tetons , Hawaii, including Volcanoes National Park or anywhere in California, Yosemite, Redwood and Death valley would be fantastic!

  7. Dug Threewitt says:

    I’d like a workshop in any unremarkable area of the US. I think it would be great to learn how you pros pull great images from the chaos that is nature in the US.

  8. I look at lots of images. While there are a few nice images of Iceland (unpredictable lighting) and Galapagos (how many iguana photos do we really need), I find these locations really over rated from a photo expo standpoint. Yellowstone/Glacier NP, Hawaii, Peru, Patagonia and more trips to Africa top my list.

  9. Rich Bard says:

    I agree with Dug Threewit. Yellowstone, Utah, the Appalachians in the fall. These are no-brainers and have been done to death. Instead, I’d love to see what Art would come up with here in Downeast Maine, out on the coast beyond Acadia National Park (also a too-easy no-brainer). Here we have the largest tides in the US, quaint fishing villages, endless forest, and other attractions, but no big mountains, no charismatic wildlife just asking to be photographed, and highly erratic weather. Look at places like Cutler, Lubec, Jonesport Maine. They should be every bit as photogenic as a fishing village in Thailand, but I’ve seen very few images as compelling as Art’s. Let’s challenge Art’s abilities a little, eh?

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