#FridayVibes – The Year So Far!

Take a virtual journey and check out a few of my favorites taken since January 1. Locations include places near and far, from my yard to Kenya, coastal Oregon and California, abstracts from the Desert Southwest and the Pacific Northwest, underwater off the Yucatan, and the latest from Alaska’s Katmai National Park and Iceland.

Enjoy – and I’ll talk to you on the 28th on https://artwolfe.com/2021/08/27/fridayvibes-announcing-art-wolfe-live/!

3 Responses to “#FridayVibes – The Year So Far!”

  1. Linnaea E Schmid says:

    Was that a saber tooth I saw on one of those cubs?

  2. Everett Hulings says:

    Art has the best eye and knowledge for exceptional photography

  3. Steve says:

    Awesome memories Art. Thanks for sharing.

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