New Photos From Iceland!

We managed to have a great time in Iceland even though the weather did not cooperate. There was fog and rain and wind, probably the tail end of a storm that hit the East Coast a couple weeks ago. But we made the most of it, heading into the interior in Iurie’s intrepid bus, where the damp brought out the volcanic earth tones. Happily, puffins were still in residence, rather later than usual so that was a plus.

I also shot a great deal of video on this trip, which I’ll reveal at the end of this month when I return to doing live streams with Art Wolfe Live. I’m currently working to compile the footage and make a roughly 10 minute feature. I had a blast capturing the footage, and I can’t wait to bring you more video from the field when possible!

Weather not withstanding, our group came away with some amazing photos thanks in large part to our team on the ground in Iceland. We had an amazing specialized bus to get us where we needed to be, and all the expertise we could ask for. Over all, it was great to get out for some international travel and the COVID protocols in place offered peace of mind. Next week, off to Africa!

4 Responses to “New Photos From Iceland!”

  1. Jean Tryon says:

    What an exquisite collection, Art! Looks like you really captured the essence of the place. Iceland definitely is on my next life’s bucket list. And I’m looking forward to your video.

  2. Diane Miller says:

    LOVE the reflection pictures and your creation of abstract images with them.

  3. Rodrigo Pasiani says:

    Extraordinary images.

  4. Doug Patton says:

    Great photos Art. We were in Iceland a few weeks before you. What an amazing place so much beauty to photograph!

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