#FridayVibes – One Year of Tequila Time!

Hard to believe, but this week marks the one year anniversary of Tequila Time! From it’s humble beginnings (awwwwwwkwarrrrrd!) to the latest episode we did before I got back to teaching workshops, the format has changed over the months as I’ve learned what works for me and what doesn’t – but most importantly, I’ve absolutely loved looking forward to connecting with you all as much as possible!

I am back to traveling and I’ve seen the grumblings about the lack of Tequila Time – we all knew this would happen when I got back on the road, but rest assured that though they may not be as frequent, I fully intend to connect with you live whenever possible.

Episodes have been proliferated on a number of platforms, however soon enough we are very much looking forward to curating them all in one place. For now, check out episodes on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. Do you have any favorite episodes, moments, or subjects from the past year of Tequila Time, or are there any subjects we didn’t cover that you’d like to hear about?

Leave a comment below, we are always looking for great suggestions and questions!

4 Responses to “#FridayVibes – One Year of Tequila Time!”

  1. Most fun was seeing your house and garden! Fabulous!

  2. Jay Grammond says:

    This has truly been a gift this past year! I sure hope that you can keep them going occasionally.

  3. Frank Morris says:

    If you’re traveling, make it a monthly or quarterly schedule. This way people can mark it on their calendar and perhaps you could expand to 90 min since I’m sure you would have more to discuss. Looking forward to more Tequila time!!

  4. Dolores Matthys says:

    Now that we start to move about the world again, can you give your recommendations on traveling with photo equipment? Is there anything that can safely (I use that term loosely!) go in luggage, or should you take everything in as carry-on? It’s been a while since I traveled with the intent of actively capturing my encounters.

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