#FridayFeeling – Black Bears at Mount Rainier!

I took a day trip last week to Mt. Rainier, and found some black bears ambling about beneath our local 14,500 foot stratovolcano. Enjoy the gallery and have a fantastic weekend!

2 Responses to “#FridayFeeling – Black Bears at Mount Rainier!”

  1. Kathy Foster says:

    Beautiful photos! I first heard you speak in Bellingham about forty years ago. I was with Nelda Sigurdson. You later took pictures of owls in her barn just south of Ferndale. I appreciate your amazing photos so much!

  2. Natalie Brooke says:

    Beautiful pictures! You Never disappoint! Ps. This is Natalie, I attended one of your parties years ago with Brian Gimroy and my Mom. She was visiting from Florida.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful experiences. Xo

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