Workshop Wednesday – Join Art for Abstract Astoria 2.0!

Happy Workshop Wednesday! It’s been nice to get out in the field for some local scaled-back-for-safety workshops. Like everyone else, we are both highly concerned about COVID and extremely interested in finding safe ways to continue to move forward. Our number-one priority is the safety of both our group, our staff, and the local businesses we hope to bring some much-needed business to.

To that end, we are offering limited participants a chance to join me for a new approach to what is my most popular workshop, taking place in Abstract Astoria. If you’ve joined me here before you know a bit of what you’re in for – but don’t hesitate to join again! We will be exploring new locations, and keeping our group smaller for safety purposes means we will have more time for intense critique and portfolio review sessions, which are truly my favorite aspects of all my workshops.

The goal of this workshop is to change the way you see, drawing on your imagination to create works of art with your camera that no one else might ever capture. I did a deep-dive on the Astoria workshop last night on Tequila Time. Give it a watch for a better explanation of the workshop goals, with examples. When you’re ready, hit the sign up page – this workshop will fill quickly!

mountain ridge