Witness with Michelle Valberg & Submit your Tequila Time questions!

Hard to believe it, but we’ve been doing a weekly live broadcast every Thursday night for four months now. If you’ve been missing out and can make it work with your time zone, make sure you follow me on Facebook and Instagram so you don’t miss out on tomorrow’s live broadcast! I need your help though – in the form of more questions! Leave a comment below with anything you might want to know about photography, my career, or something completely random – have fun with it!

We’ve also added Earth Is Our Witness to the mix, which is a fantastic way to get to know some of the world’s greatest photographers some of which you’ve likely heard of, and others you should know! The premise of EIOW is to emphasize the ways that we are, by and large, similar around the world, with the same goals, dreams, and wishes for our friends, our families, and ourselves.

This week on EIOW, we will be talking with Canadian Geographic photographer-in-residence & Nikon Ambassador Michelle Valberg on her work in the Arctic and the inspiring stories behind the lives of the Inuit people who reside there.

Tequila Time kicks off at 5:30 PM PST every Thursday on Facebook Live & Instagram.

Earth is Our Witness begins at 7 PM PST on Thursday on Facebook Live & Youtube.

Enjoy – oh and last but not least, Pathways to Creativity episode 9: Using Light Part 1 is up and available!

3 Responses to “Witness with Michelle Valberg & Submit your Tequila Time questions!”

  1. Pattie Burns says:

    1) How do you come to know the work of other photographers and what is the professional network like?

    2) How do you choose the locations you visit?

    3) Have you ever mistakenly forgot to pack a strategic piece of equipment?

    4) Do you shoot in countries riddled with political unrest?

    5) Do you keep in touch with many locals you are introduced to on your journeys?

    6) Any interest in another TV program???????

    PS: These Thursday online meet-ups are fabulous!

  2. Vaughn Hart says:

    Hi why is this message coming in on Friday when the events are Thursday??
    Are past talks available to see after the fact?

    • Art Wolfe Art Wolfe says:

      Hello Vaughn, how are you? Great question! Yes – all episodes of both Tequila Time and Earth Is Our Witness are available to watch after the fact any time! If you’re signed up to receive my weekly bulletin, it includes a recap of the week’s blog posts – that’s why you’re seeing this now but of course, watching live and interacting with your questions is the way to go.

      Click the following links to view previous episodes:

      Tequila Time Multimedia Page

      Earth Is Our Witness on Facebook

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