Good News for the Environment, Matthew Jordan Smith & More!

The House has passed the Wild Olympics Wilderness and Wild Scenic Rivers Act! Now it moves on to more. . .challenging opposition. I won’t get political – you know where I stand on matters of environment. I truly believe there is a balance we can achieve, but only by working together! The Olympic Peninsula in particular is a special place for me and one of the reasons that despite a life of world travel, I make my home in Seattle. I can’t think of too many places where you can turn yourself in a circle and see snow-capped mountains and a beautiful beach sunset, all while taking in the sounds of the abundant wildlife and earthy smells of the ancient old growth forest.

Following the weekly Tequila Time live stream, Parimal and myself conducted our Earth Is Our Witness discussion. Joined this time by celebrity photographer Matthew Jordan Smith, we discussed behind the scenes celebrity antics but more importantly continued with our theme that we as humans share more commonalities than differences. It was also eye-opening to hear Matthew’s first-hand experiences being a black photographer here in the United States versus how he is acknowledged abroad.

Pathways to Creativity episode 8 was also released this week. initially a video glitch seemed to affect several seconds of footage – but that has been resolved by powers much more tech savvy than myself!

Enjoy your weekend!

mountain ridge