Tequila Time Episode 12: On the Road Again!

Due to connectivity issues and concerns we decided to record this episode of tequila time first and then share, to ensure I at least had some new content for you. I’m on the road travelling for the first time in a while – down in Mexico hoping to swim with some big crocs! Enjoy and I’ll see you next week!

6 Responses to “Tequila Time Episode 12: On the Road Again!”

  1. Linda Smith says:

    Wonderful, funny, and informative!!! Thank you for sharing ~ Roy and I look forward to seeing your new masterpieces!
    Cheers !

  2. Sherry Grivett says:

    Love each week listening to your adventures. Your images are spectacular which I love.
    Thanks so my

  3. Nice – are you allowed to leave the States and return.

  4. John Minkowskyj says:

    When you say ‘croc’s’ do you mean the ones on your feet? lol

  5. John Minkowskyj says:

    Art, I believe your ‘Tequila Times” have spiked a surge in the Tequila industry. I read in Canada’s Globe & Mail newspaper that Tequila sales in the US are up over 50% and are also rising in Canada. It has to be due to your ‘Tequila Times’. You should be getting free samples form the liquor industry.

  6. Elyse Hoffman says:

    Art, are there times when you are given special access to vantage points that most of us are not permitted to shoot from?

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