#ICYMI Friday – A Special Conversation with Art Wolfe

Welcome to an ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) Friday!

Continuing our Thursday tradition for over two months (!) now, I sat down with Parimal Deshpande and our live viewing audience on Instagram and Facebook last evening. This time, however, we left the cocktails unpoured to keep clear heads and talk about a very important issue – and that is, simply put, that we as humans – not just by and large, but overwhelmingly so, in my experiences – all have the same dreams and desires.

Check out the IGTV video here!

It isn’t hyperbole to say that I have traveled more than anyone else I know, and while this simple fact means nothing in and of itself, the very goal of my travels abroad are often to scrutinize the local cultures both to focus my lens on the moments and subjects that capture their lifestyle, but to also ensure that I’m staying within my bounds as a guest.

In case you missed the video you can check it out on my Instagram TV page. I’m including a gallery here of some of the images I discuss.

Also, on one final note – many of you have preregistered for my new streaming lecture series, Pathways to Creativityof which I mentioned the first episode and full series subscription would be available for purchase this week. I just want you to know that yes, Pathways is up and I look forward to talking about it more in the weeks to come. However, given recent events and the news of the week I simply didn’t feel right making a big marketing push when there are so many other important things happening on social media. However, it is up and available and I am excited to share it!

3 Responses to “#ICYMI Friday – A Special Conversation with Art Wolfe”

  1. Paula LeVay says:

    Art, if these images don’t soften the hardest heart, then there is no hope for any of us. You are my inspiration, not only for the breathtaking images that you create, but for your singular ability to show us the best of who we are.

  2. Bob says:

    I wish I could afford 30 for an hour show

  3. Valerie Rampone says:

    Always enjoy your wide variety of images, Art, perhaps cause I can relate as I shoot a similar variety. Re the changes in technology where cellphones mean you are often the subject of photos yourself . . I had the same experience in Turkey where my white hair (it glows in sunlight) attracted many photos. I was plastered on FaceBook feeds I’m sure. Loved the pic’s of people and their dogs and have a photo I’d love to share but with 10’s of thousands of followers I’m thinking it would get lost . . so Thanks so much for sharing your adventures and marvelous photographic eye. Am really enjoying the Tequilla times.

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