Technique Tuesday – Photographing Surreal Landscapes

Instead of going for the same ol’ landscape shot that everyone has on their “bucket list”, why not try to change your perspective and create your own original surreal landscapes? By simply changing my elevation and considering both my foreground and background, I get the results I want – you can too, and it’s as simple as changing your point of view!

Crouching, kneeling, or even lying down – if you want the shot, sometimes you’re going to get dirty to get it! That being said, sometimes finding a new perspective is as simple as taking a step or two in any direction. Finding interesting ways to ensure your foreground is equally as interesting as your background and vice versa is key.

One Response to “Technique Tuesday – Photographing Surreal Landscapes”

  1. Elyse Hoffman says:

    I’ve often gotten down on my belly, stood on rocks, barriers, and my tip-toes, and even laid on my back to get the shots I wanted. Being less than 5′ tall necessitates being creative and flexible in mind and body! I can’t always get the shots I want that are available to those who are taller (frustrating), but I find that I do have a unique perspective that can be an advantage.

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