#GivingTuesday – Celebrate & Support Elephant Conservation!

It’s #GivingTuesday – so it’s a good time to mention the wonderful charitable organizations featured in my recent book, WILD ELEPHANTS: Conservation in the Age of Extinction. Though the book does touch on the troubling plight of elephant populations, we also explore many of the fantastic organizations and individuals who are out there making a difference and providing hope for the future of these animals.

To that end, if you’re feeling charitable this holiday season here is a list of the organizations mentioned in the book. Maybe the nature lover in your life or the person who has everything would appreciate a simple holiday donation in their name? Anything helps!

Happy Holidays!

University of Washington Center for Conservation Biology
Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
African Parks
Elephants Without Borders
EIA International
Elephant Voices
Wildlife Direct
Center for Biological Diversity

2 Responses to “#GivingTuesday – Celebrate & Support Elephant Conservation!”

  1. Jean Tryon says:

    I’ve donated to Global Sanctuary for Elephants [in Brazil] for their efforts to rescue retired circus or zoo elephants and bring them to their excellent sanctuary-for-life. The parent sanctuary is in Tennessee. A great professional project.

    Don’t need to mention [but I will!] Wolf Haven International in Tenimo, WA. They also are a wonderful sanctuary.

    If I had the money, most of it would go to enterprises like these.

  2. The article is very helpful.
    Thanks for sharing.

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