#WildlifeWednesday – New Photos from Yellowstone!

Not even the government can shut down Yellowstone! This vast volcanic caldera has always delivered photographically for me. I headed out with some close friends and in a few short days were able to photograph wolves, coyotes, bison, otters, and two horns, big & prong. I caught one otter rolling and gamboling in the snow and sliding across the ice of the Yellowstone River; and there was an energetic young ram who put on quite a show leaping back and forth across a rocky hillside.

Enjoy the photos – more to come soon from Japan. It’s just days away, but two spaces have just opened up. There is also one spot remaining to join me on a trip to India in March to photograph the Holi festival as well as tigers – grab it before it’s gone!

5 Responses to “#WildlifeWednesday – New Photos from Yellowstone!”

  1. Great images, those animals are incredible. Greetings from Brazil.

  2. EILEEN MADRID says:

    So gorgeous!

    Keep up the good work, Art!

  3. Frank says:

    Great photos Art. Can you suggest where to stay and a tour operator to take you on photo tours into the park at the west gate?

  4. George Krezinski says:

    Absolutely beautiful captures in the winterland of Yellowstone!
    How did you manage to venture around within the park?

  5. What beautiful pictures….. The beauty of those places is amazing

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