New Photos from Botswana!

I had an amazing session with Elephants a few days ago in Botswana! I spent hours in a stuffy, sunken blind, but was rewarded late in the afternoon when several elephant herds began to show up for a drink and a splash. It was about ninety degrees here, and they played in the cooling waters just five feet in front of us. The elephants were very aware of us and we were splashed intentionally many times – we had a major cleaning session afterwards since the churned water had turned to liquid mud.

This lasted for over an hour and I shot thousands of frames; the results are full of the personality and affection these amazing animals possess.

The  task of editing has been daunting to say the least. I am working on a book with fellow UW alum & biologist Sam Wasser, who has been instrumental in using DNA to track endangered species, especially orcas and elephants, and now  Dr. Wasser is trying to use DNA to track illegal shipments of ivory and shut down major poaching cartels. It makes my work look easy by comparison, and those of us who work with and care for the well being of these animals and their place in the world are so very grateful for his work.

4 Responses to “New Photos from Botswana!”

  1. Diane E Miller says:

    Very lovely photos. I especially like the golden light of the backlit animals. Would love to purchase that photo and/or book based on this adventure.
    Diane Miller

  2. Curtis Winn says:

    I have gone to the zoo to take epicures of the big cats: how do you get the eyes to pop out? As always a great set of pictures of the cats at play in a natural home setting.

  3. George Lepp says:

    Art: Beautiful stuff. Botswana has always been my favorite country and the last few times I took groups were in the Delta. Always great to view your work! Thanks for the retweet on the EOS R images.

    George Lepp

  4. Bill Lazar says:

    What a wonderful set of elephant photographs. They are entrancing.

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