New Photos from Kenya!

September finds me spending the month in Africa with good friends and plenty of subjects. We’re currently in the midst of our Namibia photo journey after having spent some time in various locations around the southern regions of the continent. We began our travels in Kenya, where we were able to capture much of the region’s wildlife over the course of several days spent at Maasai Mara National Reserve; lions, zebra, cheetah – and much, much more. This location also provided several shots that will look great in the book on elephants I’m currently working on! Giraffes and several species of birds were on display as well. Derived from the Maasai language, the term “Mara” describes the flora and fauna spotted nature of the wide open spaces, and wildebeest mingled with the other wildlife in the area to dapple the landscape.

Enjoy the new photos, and check back on the block soon for more photos from Namibia!

One Response to “New Photos from Kenya!”

  1. Maggie Stone says:

    The most creative animal photos I’ve ever seen. You get the light just perfect! Maybe someday I will be able to go on one of your trips. I was an art teacher and know the elements and principles of art, and studied photography a while back. Both are loves of mine. I watch your show, Travels to the Edge, every week…for years. I’m a fan of yours. So thank you for all that you give.

    Sincerely, Maggie

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