New Photos from Arctic Canada!

Before heading to Katmai for workshops for the next couple weeks, I visited the Canadian Arctic. We had a great time with beluga whales, caribou, and polar bears. Most of the underwater shots were taken using the camera in a Nauticam housing (thank you, Backscatter Underwater Photo & Video!) suspended from an interesting contraption made from broom handles, bolts and rope, which enabled us to shoot without getting into the water. This was far more effective than when we struggled in the water to get close enough, which the belugas didn’t seem the like at all. Once we lowered the contraption into the water the whales became so curious that we had trouble keeping them from getting too close. The milky waters were so filled with sediment that sharpness became an issue. Despite the fact that the whales are largely in focus, they appear otherwise. With the polar bears I took the perspective of tiny bear in the big environment. The caribou, photographed with a 50MP Canon EOS 5DS, was a happy bonus.

I hope you enjoy checking out what I was able to capture here, and I can’t wait to see what Katmai holds for us this year!

6 Responses to “New Photos from Arctic Canada!”

  1. Paola Staeblein says:

    Beautiful selection!

  2. Ken Bednar says:

    Hi Art,
    You are an inspiration to me. Thank you for all you do to promote how beautiful and fragile our plant is.

  3. Lynne Simons says:

    These are beautiful images. I wish I knew where in Arctic Canada they were taken.

  4. Bonnie says:

    Fantastic shots.

  5. E.M. Suanno says:

    QUESTION: What are the Yellow creatures? I’d say Belugas, except for the color. Or is that actually the color of the water??

  6. E.M. Suanno says:

    P.S. – I like that the underwater images are not tack-sharp. Makes them somewhat ethereal and spiritual.


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