New Photos from Boundary Bay

In anticipation of finally getting back to world travel, I’ve been easing back into the swing of things by making a few day trips to visit our neighbor to the north to photograph the birds of the region – predominantly owls in this case. Solitary and intelligent, owls are some of my favorite animals to photograph. Although stoic and not as playful as many animals, at any moment they can burst into a flash of spectacular action to make a precision strike on their prey. Featured in this set are a variety of owls – short-eared, long-eared, barn owl, and even a pygmy owl hunting voles which I was incredibly happy to find here. Enjoy!

4 Responses to “New Photos from Boundary Bay”

  1. Art great shots of Long and Short eared owls and your eagle shots are fantastic. Shore bird groups are also great. Always blown away by your photos.

  2. Janet Chambers says:

    I truly appreciate your sharing this terrific photography. They are always a bright place in my days.

    Thanks you

  3. Wonderful, I have been going to a NWR to try to photograph them also, not easy especially in very low light conditions. Any tips you could proide would be appreciated.

  4. wonderful images. thank you for sharing but, I sure would have liked if you had shared the conditions under which these images were taken and at least some of the meta date. – we want to admire and learn!

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