Introducing the Art Wolfe Gear Page!

Some of the most common questions I receive from photographers of all skill levels and backgrounds are in regards to the equipment I use and recommend. While I always emphasize the importance of understanding fundamental art and design principles first and foremost when it comes to taking great photos, finding the right equipment in a sea of options can be understandably overwhelming.

I’ve put together a gear page you can check out here that highlights some of the equipment I use and recommend, as well as some of the brands and companies I trust. Bookmark this page and check back often, as I’m constantly trying out new equipment!






4 Responses to “Introducing the Art Wolfe Gear Page!”

  1. Horst Maresch says:

    Sehr Aufschlussreich,ich folge ihnen schon sehr lange.

  2. Guy weech says:

    Looking forward to herring from you art.

  3. Juan Pascual says:

    Congratulations for you great work in Nature photography!

  4. Steve Timmings says:

    Hi Art, Just checked out the new gear page. I’ll be following it closer as I’m in the market for some new gear. All except the camera stuff (I’m a Nikon guy).

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