New Photos from Tanzania’s Lake Natron

My recent trip to Tanzania included a visit to Lake Natron, where I hoped to capture the colonies of lesser and greater flamingos who rely on the area as one of its few consistent breeding grounds in East Africa. As you’ll see from the slide show, our subjects did not disappoint! The salt water lake is home to organisms that manage to thrive in the high salinity and ultimately give the water the rich and varied hues, providing a beautiful backdrop for our shoot.

Pelicans and other birds also made an appearance, and zebras kicked up dust as they traveled through the same region. As mentioned in my previous post – this trip was short but satisfyingly productive and well worth the aggressive travel schedule. I feel this is my strongest work yet in this region, and I hope you enjoy these images!

6 Responses to “New Photos from Tanzania’s Lake Natron”

  1. Anita Blackman says:

    Spectacularly beautiful! Some of those land/seacapes are just unreal. Thanks for so generously sharing.

  2. Linda Horton says:

    Beyond amazing as always…I never get enough of your photos and videos. I’ve watched all the “Travels to the Edge” programs I can find and DVR’d them and have also purchased your book “Earth is my Witness”. My breath is officially taken away! I sincerely hope there will be more Travels to the Edge programs. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and the world you capture with us. Linda Horton, Tampa FL

  3. Jett McCabe says:

    Always a pleasure to see the world through your lens dear Art! Keep it coming.
    Your friend, Jett

  4. Bette J Fleming says:

    You photos are so wonderful. I was so entranced by the topography that you captured so artistically. Thank you.

  5. Jim hogg says:

    Stunning! Were the aerials from ultralight, plane, balloon, helo?

  6. Jimmy Ching says:

    Marvel wonderful moment captured show natural beauty throughout this world hope can see more on your show.

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