New Iceland photos!

Iceland is a wonderland of volcanic landscapes and this was a great place to try out the new Canon EOS 5DS R, which is even superior to the 5DS I shot with earlier in May. This camera is not about pushing the ISO boundaries into the stratosphere, rather it’s about amazing details in the enlargement. The 5DS R offers much more clarity in the shadow and highlight details, a greater dynamic range, in addition to its obvious pixel packing punch in huge installations. I also like the familiar feel and weight of the camera vs. moving away from the 35mm look and feel to a medium or large format type body. This will be a game changer for packing in a camera with this resolution capability to remote locations where gear weight is an issue.

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  1. Roger Foley says:

    Thanks so much – love your work. And I’m struck by the way your digital images are processed with lots of intensity, but are never over the top. I struggle with this in my garden and landscape work. A question about the new Canon 5DS R – Have you seen that some of your Canon lenses are not up to the sharpness or resolving quality needed for this much detail?

    • Avatar photo Art Wolfe says:

      Hi Roger, Your concern with the lenses is legitimate. I used only lenses that I knew would maintain the sharpness: 24-70mm f/4 and the 70-200mm f/2.8.

  2. Ron Hoffmann says:

    How are you finding working with the large files in post? My 2011 Macbook Pro is already tired working with 18Mpx RAW files!

    Love your work and have been watching Travels to the Edge for a long time, never tiring of seeing each show multiple times!

  3. Thomas says:

    Amazing photos Art, really inspiring. I am fighting the urge to want to go to Iceland but it is a loosing battle I think!

  4. mohamed says:

    those helicopter shot are magnificent, which area was that in Iceland? I went to Iceland but missed such perspective .
    Regarding the camera I almost become like you after travel to the edge, it really inspired me, my question if you have to pick between 5DsR and the new 1DXII which one you would pick for your type of photography.

  5. Art,
    I am happy that you find Brúarfoss, perhaps with my description I sent you after we talked about in Fürstenfeldbruck before. Even so great aerial pictures.


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