Last day in Vava’u

Last Day in Vava’u – Images by Art Wolfe

My bag arrived in time for one day’s shoot. We had just five days over the water and four of them were just too windy and the whales were very shy. There was one, though, who would stay on the ocean bottom where we barely could see him and then every 20 minutes he would come up for air. Our trick was to swim like hell to intersect him when he reached the surface without being clobbered. I got three chances, and during one, I guessed right and he came up just in front of me. I could have grabbed his tail and gone for a ride. Now I am off for the Duba Plains in Botswana; hopefully, my bags will make it with me! Stay tuned!

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2 Responses to “Last day in Vava’u”

  1. Stu Gordon says:

    Wow. Art, I didn’t realize you also did underwater photography. The detail on the barnacles on that whales tail is awesome. You got very close, indeed!

  2. Libby Pfeiffer says:

    I know I love the shots with the detailed barnacles too! Good to hear from you Stu!

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