Vava’u, Tonga

Vava’u, Tonga 2013 – Images by Art Wolfe

As many of you know by now, my trip to Tonga marks the first time in decades of rugged and remote travel that my bags have not made it with me. Thwarted by airlines, mechanical troubles, and weather, I have one camera, no underwater gear, the clothes on my back and boatloads of frustration. Thank you to Darren Jew who has been stellar in allowing me to use his equipment so the trip wouldn’t be a complete and total washout.

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5 Responses to “Vava’u, Tonga”

  1. Denis says:

    I have just read about your luggage troubles – what a shame.
    Thanks Darren for assisting.
    I do hope your bags and you connect before you reach Africa.

  2. Maureen Elliott says:

    Thank you Darren for helping Art in his hour of need. We all appreciate that!


  3. laresa says:

    Hello Mr. Wolfe:
    I have enjoyed your photography and PBS programs for years. The places you bring into my living room are so beautiful, I sit on the edge of my chair while watching and dream of traveling to those destinations for myself. I am an amateur photographer and slowly buying equipment piece by piece and am wondering, you have a wonderful ball head that seems to simply travel with no effort as you take panning shots of animals as they move across the landscape. Today, you were shooting a black bear and 2 babies in, I believe, Alaska. Would you mind letting me know what brand and make of ball head you are using? It looks like a dream to use. Thank you so much. I hope your equipment isn’t gone for good, but merely momentarily lost.

    Very truly yours,

    Laresa Brown

  4. Avatar photo Art Wolfe says:

    Hi Laresa-
    Thanks for being a fan of the show! I use a Kirk BH-1.

  5. laresa says:

    Thank you so much and hooray for your luggage arriving! What a relief that is, I know. The Kirk BH-1 is on its way to me and I can’t wait to take shots of my beautiful Northern California with my new toy. Happy, safe travels!

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