2013 SEMINARS with Art Wolfe

Art Wolfe has a completely different approach to his educational offerings. His goal is to teach you to see with an improved compositional eye. There are so many places to learn the technical aspects of the craft of photography, but far fewer ones that are directed to the artist behind the lens. His lifetime of composing is distilled into precious nuggets that you can take as tools along with your camera gear. These can become the most important tools you own. With Art’s guidance, you can make great leaps in your photography.

Here are two really great opportunities available this year.


March 9-10. We are very pleased to announce that for the first time ever the Portland Japanese Garden will be hosting Art Wolfe’s Portland workshop! Many of you already know what a beautiful and serene environment this garden has to offer, think about the possibilities of learning from a photography master in this wonderfully cultivated utopia.



May 18. This popular one day class is rarely available in Art Wolfe’s home town. This time it is Seattle’s turn to host.
Drawing from 36 years of international travel, Art will delve into a vast range of subjects; from discovering the subject to elements of design and even new works such as time lapses. Imagery of nature, wildlife, and the world’s varied landscapes will round out the curriculum to provide the most comprehensive and imaginative class available.


**STAY TUNED – We will soon be announcing other cities that will also be hosting “The Art of Composition” one-day class starting this summer.

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