ICPA SHOW- Ends November 25th

ICPA – Images by Art Wolfe

This is the last month to go and visit this great show at the BURKE MUSEUM. The show ends on November 25th.

I recently revisited the show and took a few candid shots of the exhibit. I continue to be impressed with the content of the images and the overall high-quality of this well designed show. Lots of school children have visited the show and there was a group in the museum when I was there. The kids loved it and were very attentive and interested.

You can look at the images online, but I highly recommend a visit to the museum for the full exhibit experience. It is really worth it!



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  1. David M says:

    I’ve been eagerly waiting for another edition of the ICPA exhibit at the Burke, but it seems like this is not happening any longer. The ICPA website is down, and there is no information about the future of the ICPA that I can find online… Is it all over?

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