Between Heaven And Earth Vancouver, BC

Intro to Between Heaven and Earth from Art Wolfe on Vimeo.

Between Heaven and Earth is Art Wolfe’s favorite presentation to give. Watch this introduction to see a selection of the images he includes and hear why he loves to give this presentation.

Art will be presenting this full presentation in Vancouver, BC on August 6.


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On Location: OREGON

On Location: Oregon June 2011 #1 – Images by Art Wolfe

I took off on Wednesday for a short trip through Oregon with friends. Just upriver of the Hanford Reach on the Columbia, we saw a few white pelicans on their way to breeding grounds in both Canada and the US. I just love this part of Washington and Oregon—while it is only a few hours from the population centers of Seattle and Portland, it has a wonderful feel of solitude. A colder, wetter spring has come late to the region, and there is still lots of snow on the mountains, which is a lovely backdrop to the rural landscape.

mountain ridge

Rick Sammon Interview


I was just in NYC and while there, I met up with Rick Sammon. We had a great time talking. Have a listen and find out what I am up to. About 20 minutes long.


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For the complete show and the link to Rick’s Podcasts that you can download, go here:
Thank you Rick for providing interesting and timely content for photographers through this service.

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