Workshop participant:Alan Sund

Alan Sund traveled to Japan with Art Wolfe in February. Here are his thoughts on the experience as well as a few photos.

A wonderful experience! I’ve been a fan of Travels to the Edge for years – and this was great to finally go along with Art to see where and how so many wonderful images were taken, to experience it on a truly personal basis, to learn from the absolute best about how to improve my own wildlife, cultural, and landscape photography, and to practice each day from before dawn until after dusk. And add on top of that, each evening, Art’s excellent lectures and feedback on participants’ images. BTW… the behind the scenes planning was flawless (Art has a great crew). Best part of the trip??? I got to wear Art’s famous wool cap!!! The only way to top this would be to go on multiple tours with Art and Gavriel. Thanks guys!

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  1. Chris Martin says:

    Hi Alan,

    Wonderful photographs – your monkey portrait and the birds launching off of the water are fantastic.

    Art and Gav are great to travel with and learn from. I went to Myanmar with them last year and wanted to go on this Japan trip terribly. Your imagery coupled with what Art has shared so far have compounded my misery!

    Great work – I hope to meet you on one Art’s tours in the future.



  2. Some wonderful work, Alan… thanks for sharing them!

  3. Werner Priller says:

    Great stuff Alan! Looks like you had a great time while being there!
    My thoughts are with the Japanese people right now more than ever before;

  4. Victoria says:

    Absolutely beautiful images Alan. I especially like the eagle with the fish flying through the three cranes – what a shot! Stunning work.

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