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Do your raw images look like this? by Jay Goodrich
Do your raw images look like this? © Jay Goodrich

Have you ever wondered how to make your photographic life easier? Maybe you are not so sure of how to master an image on a global scale? Or on a targeted scale? Or what if you have 100, 1,000, or 10,000 images on you computer, but don’t know how to retrieve them in a matter of minutes when an editor calls? You need to start using Adobe’s Lightroom 3. One of the best image management/processing softwares available today. This May our workshop instructor Jay Goodrich is going to teach you how in a 2-day class that will answer all of the above questions and more.

What if you could create this with only Lightroom 3 by Jay Goodrich
What if you could create this with only Lightroom 3 © Jay Goodrich

The Lightroom 3 Workflow–This workshop is designed for all photographers who want to simplify their workflow and archiving processes. This class will focus on helping you use Lightroom to organize, optimize and output your images. Jay will guide you through the modules and show you ways to create workflows that streamline your image making process. He will share his own personal workflow and how he manages thousands of images. This is a class not to be missed. In addition, this course is being taught at the Art Wolfe Gallery in Downtown Seattle, Washington. Don’t delay this class has limited enrollment.
Dates : May14-15, 2011 Price : $395.00

4 Responses to “Sign Up Now for Lightroom 3 with Jay Goodrich”

  1. Susan says:

    Would love to learn Lightroom 3 and workflow from you Jay, but I’m 6K miles away. Any plans to do any Creative Live classes, or similar web-based ones?

  2. Werner Priller says:

    Hi Jay, are using just LR3 or PS5 as well? Or would be LR3 enough to start with?
    Thanks, Werner

    • Avatar photo Jay Goodrich says:

      Hi Werner,

      Yes, I do use both LR3 and PS5. Almost every image has some aspect that I like to fix in Photoshop, so it is still a very important part of my workflow.

      Best regards,

      Jay G.

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