On Location – ANTARCTICA

I just returned from another eventful and gut-wrenching Antarctica sailing.  I was one of the few not affected by seasickness in the brutal crossing of the Drake Passage.

This was a very lucky trip.  We managed to dodge two major storms, one of which disabled the boat I sailed on last year.  When we returned to South America, there were tours and boats backed up waiting for a break in the weather.

While waiting to embark the Ushuaia in Ushuaia, I photographed psychedelic macros of peeling paint on metal buildings and the next day we were at sea heading to Half Moon Island in the South Shetlands, and then on to the Lemaire Channel and other ice-bound islets.  On one of our exploratorations off the boat I saw young Gentoo penguins play-acting nesting behavior.  They were trying to “hatch” rocks and build nests.

Take a look & enjoy!

NEW! Antarctica – Images by Art Wolfe

7 Responses to “On Location – ANTARCTICA”

  1. Susan Moran says:

    Stunning photos. I’m envious, as I just spent 2.5 weeks at Palmer Station and sailed across the Drake Passage (calmly this time), and I wish I could have taken photos half as artistically as you did/do. If you ever give photo workshops in Colorado, I’d love to join. Thanks for the inspiration. Susan

  2. […] they’re big things, like the opportunity to move to Antartica to fulfill a lifelong dream of studying the migratory patterns of the Gentoo […]

  3. nicole says:

    These are incredible images, thank you so much for sharing and inspiring!!! It’s a dream of mine to visit Antarctica, but until then, your stunning images is the next best thing, keeping the dream alive! Thank you again, you really made my day 🙂

  4. Some day I hope to attend one of these workshops.

  5. steveh says:

    Wow. Those are amazing. I wish I could make the zion workshop. I went to Zion a couple years back and it was incredible.

  6. Art,

    it was great to meet you on the Antarctica trip. It was such an amazing trip and we got so lucky missing the storms. Looking forward to another journey with you in the future.

    Robert and Kelly

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