Happy Book Lover’s Day – Celebrate with Free Shipping!

Whether you’re a seasoned photographer seeking to refine your skills, a beginner eager to embark on a photographic journey, or a wildlife enthusiast who can’t get enough of the beauty and diversity of the natural world – I’ve got you covered! At this point in my career I’ve had over one-hundred-and-something books published, and my own personal library is filled to the brim with art, photography, and travel books from across the globe. I am very much a book lover both as a consumer and as someone who simply loves seeing a body of work come together.

Photo books make excellent gifts to both give and receive. With each turn of the page, you’ll find yourself embarking on a new adventure. Whether it’s a trek through the lush rainforests of South America, an exploration of the diverse African cultures, or an exploration of a subject from around the world such as the award winning Night On Earth – there truly is something for everyone.

If you’re seeking inspiration to fuel your passion for photography, several of my “how-to” books are an invaluable resource, while those that emphasize the narrative behind the captures such as Photographs From the Edge go beyond the technicalities, delving into the art of storytelling through your lens.

Now is also a great time to pre-order a signed copy of my upcoming magnum opus entitled WILD LIVES: The Worlds Most Extraordinary Wildlife. This is a big, beautiful book full of a lifetime of wildlife photography from every corner of the planet, and I can’t wait until I’ve got it in my hands!

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