New Photos From Madagascar!

It was probably inevitable with the amount of traveling I do, but COVID caught up to me back in May keeping me grounded at home just when I was about to head out the door to begin our Madagascar Photo Journey. Luckily Gav was able to go, and the shots I saw posted on social media from that trip’s photographers were fantastic!. They only strengthened my resolve to get to the island myself as soon as humanly possible.

Fortunately I was able to arrange an impromptu trip there this past July, fitting in more than enough of the island for a variety of the unique wildlife that inhabits it. Leaping lemurs, lizards in camouflage, iconic baobab trees, and much more – enjoy!

2 Responses to “New Photos From Madagascar!”

  1. Jongas says:

    Madagascar is amazing. I saw this one show on TV where they said if you went through the deepest spot on the planet (Marianne trench) directly through earth, it would come out on the other side in Madagascar. And supposedly Marianne trench is the black hole on earth, but Madagascar is where all life starts. That’s why you have endless species of animals and plants on that island that can’t be found anywhere else. glad you were able to make it there! I hope I can get there someday too!

  2. Ann Newman says:

    Oh, so sorry you that bug caught you. Glad you are better.

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