Wildlife Wednesday – Harpy eagles in Brazil!

Wildlife Wednesday on World Rainforest Day? Great timing!

The first leg of a recent trip took me to Brazil, with one subject in mind – the Harpy eagle. This is a massive bird at the top of its local food chain, distinct by its double-crested head feathers that spring to attention whenever the eagle is on alert. I came away thrilled with the photos I got, and included below is also a bit of video we shot from the blind.

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  1. CABUS says:


    I am French and i don’t write well english but I try. I enjoy your splendid photos ( image sharpness, details, luminosity). I came back from Uganda (national parks) and my photos are not worth yours. Can i know with what APN and what zooms did you take them ? Were you far from the Harpy eagle ? My wish is to take photos closest to yours. I also take black and white photos. This langage is very important to me.
    I am going to change my old APN (nikon D90 with zoom 18-200 and 100-400). I think, perhaps, of Leica SL2-S. What do you think about my plan ?
    Chantal Cabus

  2. Incredible Images! Few people realize how big those eagles are. They prey on monkeys and sloths, and their claws are bigger than a grizzly bear’s claws. Greetings from your Brazilian fan.

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