Join Art Wolfe in Mongolia This July!

I’ve been eager to get back to Mongolia for some time now. Although some of the photos I took here on my last visit have become iconic – such as the Kazakh Eagle Hunter and his amazing golden eagle – shooting while the hustle and bustle of Travels to the Edge was being filmed didn’t quite allow me the same flexibility I might have when visiting on a tour. add to this the astronomical leaps we’ve taken in technology since then, and I can’t wait to get back!

We still have a couple of spots left to join our group, embarking on our photo adventure July the 6th. Join us to photograph the Naadam festival, wild horses as the roam the vast steppe largely unmarred by the influence of development, and of course a special shooting sessions with Shaman and Kazakh Eagle Hunters.

Lets go!


2 Responses to “Join Art Wolfe in Mongolia This July!”

  1. natsagdorj says:

    Dear Art Wolfe,
    I am a landscape photographer in Mongolia and I saw your courses and your photos as well.
    Do you have time to meet us to discuss the photos shortly? I have only FB natsagdorj sanj

    • Avatar photo Art Wolfe says:

      Sorry Natsag – between workshops, book projects and everything else my schedule is way too busy to accommodate everyone who would like a photo review! My suggestion would be to take one of my workshops. A photo critique is one of the most valuable parts of the experience!

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