#ThursdayThoughts: From Art’s Bookshelf – FRAMES Magazine!

Is print dead? Definitely not! Call me old school but nothing beats a photo in print. There is simply no substitute for bringing an image captured out of the digital realm and back into a tangible, tactile element on your wall or bookshelf.

Recently I had the pleasure of working with Tomasz Trzebiatowski who founded the gorgeous photography magazine–better to call it a quarterly photobook–FRAMES. He takes such great care in publishing a quality product that embraces a myriad of photographic styles.

Volume 3 features HUMAN CANVAS and the images looks so beautiful printed on such high quality paper. If you’re a fan of photography and high-quality products, get a subscription and support this new photographic community!

4 Responses to “#ThursdayThoughts: From Art’s Bookshelf – FRAMES Magazine!”

  1. John Eugene McClelland says:

    Art- love your work. Where can I find your books of photographs?

  2. Beverly Don says:

    Thanks … just looked up Frames on internet … will definitely be subscribing!

  3. Congrats on the feature, Art! The prints look excellent 👏!

  4. randy pitts says:

    The photos are inspirational!

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