Friday Vibes – The Tranquility of the Outdoors

In autumn my home state of Washington shows its colors, deepened and moistened by a welcome rain. I spent time photographing abstracts from the Olympic Peninsula in the west to Icicle Creek on the east side of the Cascade Range. In between I documented my yard for an upcoming book on Seattle gardens and scouted Port Townsend for a new abstract workshop. While I am an avid consumer of news, photography and nature has helped me keep my zen through these tense times. Take a hike, listen to water and the wind, cast your gaze into the reaching branches of a tree, it’s good for the soul.

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6 Responses to “Friday Vibes – The Tranquility of the Outdoors”

  1. Michael Griffith says:

    Art, thank you for sharing these amazing images. It’s photos like these that both inspire me and challenge me as a photographer. I so enjoy your posts (and tequila time!)

  2. Valerie Rampone says:

    Loved #5 the Coi and #6 the contrast of red leaves on black shadow tree reflections. Thanks for sharing your always inspiring images Art.
    Stay Zen . . Valerie

  3. Hi. My name is Nancy Richter. I’m interested in your abstract workshop. How can I get information about it?

  4. Very exciting captures. I wish I could again go out and hike the back areas of this country but due to arthritis in both ankles, I am limited on short distances and out of my car window. I envy you and those who can walk all day while carrying your gear.

  5. Víctor M. Lázaro says:

    I admire your work Sir. And I think you could visit Mallorca in the Mediterranean, it is an island full of inspiration for every kind of artist.

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