New Photos from Bandon, Oregon!

If you joined us for Tequila Time (yep – on a Tuesday! This may happen more often as I get back to traveling for workshops and book projects, so stay tuned!)  I shared some photos from Bandon, Oregon and our workshop there. Here are more images from that workshop, and I’ll see you next week!

2 Responses to “New Photos from Bandon, Oregon!”

  1. Lucy Abrao says:

    Fabulous images of the beautiful Oregon coast. My favorite place to photograph is Bandon and you got beautiful shots with the smoky skies. The bridge along Boardman scenic drive inspires me to go back. I visited there a year ago but didn’t anything worth showing.

  2. zari says:

    Dear Mr.Wolfe
    I always enjoy your pictures and also the way you look at nature.
    Sincerely your

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