15 Years of August Images!

Rest assured, there will come a time when we are able to travel again! When that happens, know that August is a great time to head north to Alaska, Greenland, Svalbard and Iceland – or south to Australia’s Kimberley and Arnhemland. Since we can’t go right now, take a virtual tour around the globe of images photographed in August and perhaps you’ll be inspired to look to the future and start planning where you might go when we are ready to get back out there!

One Response to “15 Years of August Images!”

  1. mm says:

    Many thanks to Art, Paramel and Gavriel for this series. So soothing to view nature and art through Art’s lense during this period where we can’t freely & easily travel wherever we want.

    Thanks to Art for his devotion to his craft for so many years – he is masterful! Have followed him & his work since before Travels to the Edge, watching each episode multiple times.

    Thoroughly enjoyable.

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