#TequilaTime Round-Up: Human Canvas!

For Tequila Time #7 (can you believe it?!?) Parimal Deshpande and I got together with a few hundred of my best friends and took a deep dive into Human Canvas, the most personal project of my life.

I am pleased to say my publisher Earth Aware Editions is giving away a free copy of Human Canvas to a lucky viewer, as they did last week with Earth Is My Witness. So watch Tequila Time live & you may be a winner too!

In honor of being able to share this work with you on a more candid level than I am accustomed to doing, I have a limited number of the Human Canvas collector’s edition books available with a print for 50% off, and 25% off the trade edition with print on the store, ending this Sunday at midnight PST!

More importantly, check out the video – know what it’s all about, where it came from, and why- and if not my books, find something that DOES speak to you to add to your life. Surround yourself with the things that inspire you and you’ll never run out of creative fuel! Remember to #LiveLIkeAnArtist!

Keep those questions coming!

2 Responses to “#TequilaTime Round-Up: Human Canvas!”

  1. janwilder says:

    Hi Art and Parimal,
    Please convey my apology to Parimal for misspelling his name. Parimal has an engaging voice and is a delightful facilitator on Tequila Thursdays! You both are so much fun! See you next week.
    Thank you,
    Jan Wilder

  2. Greg Zyn says:

    I love the art on human canvas here, and I appreciate the artistry, as well. I want to see more art like this, and more information about Tequila Time, as well. I would be thankful to the admin if more info were released.

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