Tequla Time with Art Recap – Live Like an Artist!

Hard to believe I’ve been doing Tequila Time for a month now, but I can’t express enough how nice it’s been to be able to connect with everyone out there. During this stay-at-home order, I’ve pretty much limited contact to the same few people who are helping with the live broadcast – so having this opportunity to connect with everyone is saving my sanity – thank you!

I almost consider my home and garden a public space, so being able to do a virtual tour  and sharing with you the artifacts and memories I’ve collected over the years means a lot to me. The theme of course for this video is “If you want to be an artist, LIVE like an artist”! Collect things that inspire you and make no apologies for surrounding yourself with the things you draw your creative fuel from, whatever that may be.

Enjoy the video – also I should note, the quality of the live video feed through Instagram is far superior to Facebook, so if you want the best possible experience for future TTA episides I highly suggest getting on IG – it’s also a great place to see my daily photo posts.

Have a great weekend, and hopefully you’ll be joining us next week, when we hang out in my den and discuss my favorite books!

5 Responses to “Tequla Time with Art Recap – Live Like an Artist!”

  1. Lezlie Jane says:

    Love the tour! I have enjoyed your stunning home and joyous hospitality many times. But I never had an actual Art Wolf tour. For instance I did not know you had done those paintings. They are fabulous. Thank you, Lezlie

  2. Felicia Byrd says:

    I see your mosaic of man on your wall!❤
    Really want that print.

  3. Felicia Byrd says:

    Beautiful home. Such stunning art pieces. Love that Moroccan Rug! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Valerie Rampone says:

    Hi Art and Group . . .fun to see your house. Made me miss the one I had on Saltspring Island on a cliff overlooking Fulford Harbour. Had windows and decks like yours that created a seamless transition from inside to out. Huge moss covered boulders and sinuous Arbutus trees created a Zen like garden. The only pruning was done by the deer. Miss my neighbours as well . . your friends Birgit and Bob Bateman. We’ve both moved on. . . Love the Tequila Happy Hours. Technology can be surprisingly intimate.
    Ciao! . . VR

  5. Stephen says:

    A million-dollar view. I love seeing the living spaces of artists. So much inspiration. Do you miss having your own gallery?

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