#FeatureFriday – New Photos from India

I made multiple trips to India this year, including a trip this past November. I’m now an expert on old Delhi, where I was able to capture a number of abstracts before setting out in search of wildlife, namely tigers. My last trip here was focused mostly on the Holi festival, and while I came away with some shots I’m happy with the crush of people made for a chaotic environment to shoot in. This trip was more my speed, and I’m happy with what I came away with. Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

2 Responses to “#FeatureFriday – New Photos from India”

  1. Anthony Tran says:

    These pictures of India are amazing Art! I’ve always wanted to travel there and I love how you were able to capture it’s beauty through your lens.

    How were you able to take pictures of the tigers and wildlife? Did you ever feel in danger being surrounded my these animals?

  2. Everett Hulings says:

    I have watched about all your Travels to the Edge and enjoyed them emensly and have learned alot about photography and the Art of nature. Are you going to make any more programs to that extent.

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