#FridayVibes – Total Eclipse from South America

Having missed the “Eclipse across America” I scheduled a trip to Chile to catch the recent total eclipse down there. I have shot eclipse moments in the past but this time armed with Canon’s new lightweight 600, a 2x and 50mp 5D… I was not only able to get the shot I came for – but cropping in you can even see solar flares along the edge of the sun!

2 Responses to “#FridayVibes – Total Eclipse from South America”

  1. Bob Street says:

    Curious…what filter/filters did you use, if any, on your eclipse shots?

  2. JC Tryon says:

    Art, in looking at the slide show, I can’t decide which one is the best. Total? Diamond ring? Sun flare? All of them in the wider shots of the landscape…Hmmm, maybe the exquisite shots of those wicked cactus spines!! Help me out here! I love them all. 🙂

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