#FridayFeeling – New Photos From Glacier Bay!

The summer is a spectacular time to visit Glacier Bay – the weather is usually good and the plentiful wildlife here is active, and the location has so much to offer anywhere from portraits of animals to the vast and majestic glacier-bound landscape. It’s also a busy time for tourism, so if you plan to visit in this most photo-op rich time of year, make sure you set your plans early!

This trip offered plenty of variety as usual, and I was excited to use my somewhat recently acquired canon 600mm lens here, which has served me well thus far. humpback whales, Steller sea lions, and bald eagles were among the usual suspects.

Enjoy the photos! Check out the NPS page to plan your visit, and keep an eye on my events page for future trips here with me!

4 Responses to “#FridayFeeling – New Photos From Glacier Bay!”

  1. Robert lanzilotta says:

    Photos are fantastic, especially the eagle shots, you are definitely the best in wildlife photography, thanks for sharing.

  2. Frank Morris says:

    Fabulous images!!

  3. Diane Miller says:

    What a spectacular collection of wildlife photos. Those soaring eagles; the breaching whales; the seals! I loved Alaska when my sister and I went there 4 years ago. We are going back in July…this time on a small ship cruise into the inner passage. So excited.
    I hope you know how much joy you give with your wonderful photos.
    Have a good summer.
    Diane Miller

  4. Wow, what an impressive collection. Number 42 is simply perfect. Greetings from Brazil.

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