#WildlifeWednesday – New Photos from Patagonia!

Photographing in Patagonia I am running into people I know at every turn! Hopefully the variety in the slide show indicates all of the varied opportunities that have presented themselves on this trip – it’s been a good one! Save one miserable day that was spent chasing ghosts up a mountain in gale force wind and rain, but that’s all a part of nature photography. We have seen eight different cats, all responding differently toward us – some are prone to flee at first sight of our group, while others casually hang around not seeming to mind our presence at all.

Over all this has been a fantastic trip with great company, and I’m excited to sit down and edit what has been a satisfying batch of new captures.

2 Responses to “#WildlifeWednesday – New Photos from Patagonia!”

  1. Lepp George says:

    Art: Beautiful images! These cougars are giving photographers like yourself opportunities we just don’t get here in the states. Keep up the great work. I’m running out of opportunities in the outback due to knees and back issues so take from me…keep your health up and do all you can now as it continues to get harder. I’ll be 75 in a few weeks and wish I could go just a bit longer! I’ll do it vicariously through you until we both sit around the fire telling stories.

    George Lepp/Outdoor Photographer and Canon Explorer

  2. Mary Anne says:

    Beautiful photos! It was the Patagonia trip on your DVD series that introduced me to the land and wildlife of this region and I’ve been smitten ever since. These pictures are even more vibrant. Thank you so much for sharing.

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