New Photos From India!

India is always a dazzling adventure. This trip began with leopards and ended with tigers, with Holi and Varanasi were sandwiched in between. Holi is a spring festival, but has become a rambunctious free-for-all where crowds fling brightly colored spices and powders into the air to banish the gloom of winter. I don’t know if I’ll ever have the energy to photograph this event again!

I’ll be posting some terrific photos my workshop participants took very soon, so stay tuned for those!

3 Responses to “New Photos From India!”

  1. Fabulous work! India is definitely a wonderful place to visit, and your photos make justice to that. Greetings from Brazil.

  2. Roger Thompson says:

    Wonderful portfolio of India. Watched the whole thing.

  3. Bonnie Fisher says:

    Incredible photos. When are you going to do a workshop in tne New York area?

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