New Photos: From Panther Creek to Cape Perpetua

The last eleven days have been packed full! Book-ended by two Pacific Northwest workshops, we photographed Mount Hood, Smith Rock, Crater Lake, Cape Perpetua and Yaquina Head. We started off exploring the Columbia River Gorge and after photographing the Milky Way over Crater Lake, we checked into a less-than-savory motel at 3am for some much needed shut eye before heading to the Oregon Coast.

Those who claim there is nothing left to photograph in the Columbia River Gorge because of the fires are misinformed! We photographed beautiful locations on both the Washington and Oregon side – it helps to know where to look. If you haven’t been there, the Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center in Stevenson is a great place to stop and explore the history of this fabled river!

Enjoy the photos – I’m home for a few days to regroup and then it’s off to Glacier Bay!

2 Responses to “New Photos: From Panther Creek to Cape Perpetua”

  1. Dwight says:

    Art, I appreciate seeing, through your lens, the “found art” right here in my own back yard!

    I have been to all these locations, but the timing of the tide/weather/animal activity or other limitations have challenged me. You must have either amazing planning skills or luck or the ability to see the potential in every setting… I’m sure it is a combination of these.

    Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to continue to seek/explore; expanding my own vision of these amazing places!

  2. Hi Art,
    I want to thank you for sharing your photos, the beauty of nature, and inspiring mine and others’ photography endeavors.
    As a photographer myself and also as a viewer, I would like to suggest that you share a more tightly edited body of work in these slide shows.
    I am attracted to your work because of your hability to produce some amazing photos so I prefer to watch a shorter and really impressive slide show than a longer one with some photos that are not unique, wonderful or creative enough to grab me. (I think you know what I am talking about.)
    Keep up your good work!

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