New Photos from Monterey Bay, California

My most recent trip was with some friends to the Monterey Coast of California, a region known for it’s beautiful coastline and a vast variety of marine life in one scenic location. Though this is a vacation destination rife with sights and creatures, it’s also an amazing place to explore imaginary landscapes in patterns of rocks that line the shores.

If you’re looking for a place to go where you’ll never want for subjects, this is it – wildlife, landscapes, and artistic abstracts all in one beautiful location with food and lodging on par with the rest of the experience. It’s my hope we will add another retreat to this location in the future, so keep your eye on the events page!

What’s next?! This is a beautiful time of year to explore the west coast – the Columbia River Gorge and Oregon Coast workshops are coming up very quickly, with few spots remaining – how is the time to pull the trigger and join me in areas I’ve been exploring my whole life!

2 Responses to “New Photos from Monterey Bay, California”

  1. Jonathan Langsner says:

    These abstracts are just amazing and wonderful! Bravo, bravo, bravo! (And I’m making a mental note to self to sign up for your next abstractions workshop.)

  2. Cheryl Ames says:

    The abstract photos are beautiful! I am curious as to what the abstracts were based on, since I was at the same locations (Monterey Aquarium and Point Lobos), and actually met you on the Point Lobos trail at the end of the day! I recognize the beautiful red lichen in one of the abstract photos, but what other parts of the natural world were represented by your other abstracts? My personal photography goal is to recognize potential subject matter for abstracts and capture it in my photographs. I plan to attend your “Photography as Art” workshop the next time it is scheduled for Portland.

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